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Skin Care Habits, How Important Are They For Damage Control?

Our Skin care habits are quite important in keeping our skin as radiant and youthful as possible. Skin care needs changes as we age and damage control is a must for aging skin, if we want to get back that younger looking skin!

You would think, the diligent skin care routine we practiced when we were younger would follow through into our older age.

Especially, considering our skin needs more damage control than when we were young and had supple, healthy and radiant skin

However, it appears that most of us give less time and diligence to our skin care routine as we get older.

Damage Control And Aging Skin...

As a youngster we showered everyday and put lotion on our bodies several times a day, preventing skin damage, but now that our skin really needs more constant care we seem to give it less.

This is certainly not good anti aging skin care practice..!

Do you still use a facial masked or exfoliate as often as you did in your younger days, when your skin care habits were more diligent? Do you lotion your body as often as you did even just 5 years ago? What about 10 years ago? Remember your skin feeling smooth and soft all the time?

Our Skin Care Habits Change As We Age...

Here is something that had consumed my thoughts during one of my showers, it dawned on me as we get older we don’t take as good of care of our skin as we did when we were younger. Our skin care habits change as we age and the due diligence is just not there; as it was back in the day.

Think about it for a moment, when we were younger we were much more active and our bodies sweat more, so we showered more often.

Now, that we are older and have become less active, we don’t sweat like we used to and therefore we tend to shower less often.

And because we don’t shower as often, our skin does not get exfoliated or lotion applied as it did when our skin care habits had a lot more diligence!

If anything is going to give you back, smooth, supple and vibrant skin for your arms, legs and overall body, becoming pro active with damage control in your skin care routine will go a long way in diminishing your grey and dull skin.

Today, there are plenty of tools to help make our skin care habits quick and easy. Here are some of my favorites that I include in my skin care routine, they are specifically designed with skin rejuvenation and firming properties.

Beautiful Skin Is Not Something Exclusively Reserved For The Genetically Blessed..!!

Eliminating wastes efficiently, digesting food and transporting nutrients to the skin will help rejuvenated your skin back to a more youthful look and feel.

You can be in your nineties or starting college, it does not matter, it is never too early or too late to start healthy skin care habits!

Skin Care That Rejuvenates Systemically...

Damage Control For Aging Skin.

Life changes, such as menopause and being less active has a great impact on our skin.

And, as we age our body enzyme levels drop this speeds up the aging process and increases inflammation, inflammation you do not even know you have.

Increasing your enzymes levels helps nourish and rejuvenate your skin and also helps reduce excess fibrin and scar tissue!

Older skin requires more vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help it rejuvenate; systemic skin care!

Light therapy is also remarkable for skin rejuvenation, rosacea skin problems, removing excess fibrin and has the ability to increase collagen.

If we get back into the habit and take better care of the external skin layers and, feed it the nutrients it needs internally, it is most definitely possible to achieve that vibrant, glowing and younger looking skin from years earlier!

Getting back to skin care habits of exfoliating your skin and showering more often, eliminates the many dead skin cells that build up making our skin look dull, grey and older looking.

So, there are many things we can do to keep or get back younger looking skin and due diligence and getting back to your old skin care habits from the younger years is one of them and start some new ones!

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