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Healthy Fast Sun Tanning
Reap the Benefits of The Sun!

Fast sun tanning for the best healthy golden tan safely without long exposure to the sun’s skin damaging UV rays. How to tan fast while reaping the Benefits Of The Sun without damaging your skin and prolong your tan too! How to jump start your tan for summer 2019.

How To Get A Dark Golden Tan Fast
With Out Damaging Your Skin!

You can avoid skin damage while tanning fast to your golden tan, while reaping the benefits from the sun and the deep skin conditioning benefits from sun care products.

We all Know the sun has a two fold affect on our skin and bodies; good and bad. The good news, the sun’s UVB rays gives your skin the ability to make natural vitamin d3 and, this is healthy. The bad news, the damaging affect the sun has on our skin; photo damage.

How To Get A Healthy Fast Sun Tan Safely

To avoid sun damage use a tan accelerator with no sunscreen this allows your skin to tan faster in less time while letting your body make and absorb the natural vitamin d3 the sun provides with no photo damage!

Within the first two to three hours of tanning your skin stops producing melanin, the pigment responsible for tanning of the skin, but if you have fair skin this time is much less. Once your skin reaches its limit of producing melanin, you are exposing yourself to the risk of UV damage and if you take certain medications this risk could be even higher.

Getting a healthy fast sun tan only takes a few minutes a day several times a week, depending on your skin type, where you live and the intensity of the sun.

You could sun tan everyday basking in the
of the sun, if you wanted to.

It only takes from 5 to 30 minutes of exposure to the sun’s UVB rays, depending on the time of year and hemisphere you live in, before your body starts making natural vitamin d3; that is without any sunscreen.

Okay, here's how to get your fast healthy suntan safely and your best sun tan ever while nourishing your skin, body and bones, with no photo damage.

Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator with bronzer (opens new tab) is the tanning accelerator that I use and, I absolutely love it for its super skin conditioning benefits. It is an exotic blend with immediate natural bronzers designed for beautiful dark color and silky, smooth skin. Natural black walnut bronzer and skin nourishing antioxidant - Vitamin E. No Sunscreen Or Mineral Oil!

How To Get Your Skin Ready For Fast Sun Tanning

First and foremost, before you start your fast sun tanning sessions, exfoliate your skin.

It does not need to be an intensive exfoliation, using a scrunchie will be enough.

You just want to remove the top layer of dead skin cell and then of course, use your normal body moisturizer or if you are going to immediately sun tan use an accelerator.

Your skin will tan faster and more evenly when it is in good condition and well moisturized; allowing the sun rays to penetrate into your skin without the build up of dead skin cells.

You can add deep condition sun tan oil with no sunscreen to the tan accelerator. I like to use Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil with 0 SPF, because it is loaded with vitamins and natural extracts to give your skin a deep conditioning boost which helps it tan faster and better.

Get Your Beautiful Golden Tan
The Healthy and Safe Way

You are now ready to start your first healthy fast sun tanning session. This can be done in a number of ways; spend 10 minutes per side, front side, left side, back side and then right side. This will give you an all over even tan.

Or you can break up your healthy fast sun tanning sessions into 20 minute segments, only tanning 2 sides per day. How ever you break up your sun tanning sessions, you only need a maximum of 20 minutes per side, but 10 is sufficient.

Of course you can go longer for a deeper faster tan, but it really is not necessary and not healthy to over exposure your skin to the sun.

Take it slow, within a few days you will begin to see your golden tan emerge with no sunburn or damage to your skin. You will also notice how soft and supple your skin has become from the plenitude of skin nutrients from the tan accelerator and, if you have mixed tanning oil into your accelerator, from that nourishing oil. 

This is about healthy fast sun tanning, not damaging your skin.

All other times you are in the sun, wear a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF this will help protect your skin from long periods of over exposure to the sun.

After Your First Sun Tanning Session,
Your Skin Will Have Color!

If you do this everyday or even just on the weekends you will have a deep, glowing and beautiful golden tan in no time!

After your fast sun tanning, be sure to use an after sun moisturizer, they are rich in deep skin conditioning vitamins and natural extracts that hydrate your skin; they also help keep your tan longer. My fav again is Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender.

Get The Full Benefits Of The Suns
Vitamin D3 From Your Fast Sun Tanning

Sensible sun exposure to produce pre-vitamin D3, vitamin D3 and its photo products may have some additional benefits above and beyond simply taking a vitamin D3 supplement or ingesting vitamin D3 from dietary sources.

The above statement is an article excerpt on Sunlight and Vitamin D from the National Center for Biotechnoloy Information, NCBI, US National Library of Medicine, NLM, and the National Institute of Health, NIH.

Although it is a long deep read, I found it quite interesting.

Anyway, back to getting the suns benefits from your healthy fast sun tanning session.  Don't shower after sun tanning or before using your after sun lotion. In fact, you should not shower until just before bed. Not showering allows your skin to absorb the suns vitamin d3.

And, if you want the suns full benefits of vitamin d3 your body produces during your sun tanning exposure, shower the next morning, but make it a quick one and don’t use soap except for your arm pits and privates.

You will wash away the vitamin d3 as it has not absorbed to your blood stream at this point in time.

And as always, remember to drink plenty of fresh clean water during your fast sun tanning session, it is vital for healthy, hydrated and beautiful skin.

As an affiliate I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. 

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