Incontinence Exercises Builds A Strong Pelvic Floor & Helps Stop Bladder Leaks

Incontinence Exercises helps to build a strong pelvic floor which lifts and supports the bladder relieving stress incontinence naturally. A strong core helps stop the bladder from leaking.

The pelvic floor muscles are part of the foundation of our body’s core. These muscles help to stabilize and keep the pelvic floor lifted and strong supporting the organs of the lower abdominal cavity, like the bladder and uterus.

Bladder control and pelvic floor muscles go hand in hand.

The picture below shows a strong pelvic floor verses a weak pelvic floor. Weak pelvic floor muscles can not hold the pee in the bladder and therefore it leaks out!

A strong pelvic floor compared to a weak pelvic floor that allows pee to escape.

So, it is important to maintain strong pelvic floor muscles, which is interrelated with the core muscles group.

This Is True For Both Men and Women..!!

When the pelvic floor muscles are weak or damaged, sagging, the integrity of the openings of the urethra, vagina, and anus can be compromised causing lack of bladder control and peeing.

Interrelated Core Muscle

The pelvic floor muscles interrelate with the core muscles group, the deep muscles of the back, sides, hips, butt and abdomen.

As we age, this group of interrelated core muscles, tendons and ligament become weak and this action can lead to more than just stress incontinence, it can also cause the organs to drop into the pelvic floor causing a prolapsed uterus or bladder.

It is very important to keep a strong pelvic floor to keep the bladder from leaking and incontinence exercises are a great way to do this.

One of the best incontinence exercises are through core strengthening with planking exercises. Planking exercises strengthen the deep muscles group of the body’s core, where as crunches and sits ups do not.

Our pelvice floor supports many internal organs including out bladder.

There are many great benefits to keeping this group of muscles strong with planking exercise techniques.

Your core muscles not only helps keep our balance, agility, a tight flat stomach and curvy sides, and lifted internal organs, but they also help reduce back pain.

When the pelvic floor muscles become weak and stops working in concert with the muscles of the abodomen, sides, hips butt and back, structural imbalances occurs leading to abdominal and back pain, as well as erectile dysfunction in men and sexual dsfunction in women, among other health problems.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor
Naturally With Kegel Exercises...

First, you must be certain you are using your kegel muscles, otherwise your efforts will be fruitless. To find your kegel muscles stop the flow of your urine a few times; these are your kegel muscles.

Do not use this method to practice kegel muscle exercises as the constant stopping and flowing of urine can weaken the pelvic floor instead of strengthening it.

Both exercises - core strengthening and kegel exercises should be done to maintain a strong pelvic floor which helps to stop a leaking bladder

Pelvic Floor and Core Strengthening Exercises To Help Get Your Bladder Problems Under Control...

A Short Video Of A Variety Of Pilate Kegel Exercises...

Kegel Exercises For Men...

There are different exercise, techniques and products to strengthen your kegel muscles and pelvic floor incorporating core strengthening exercises will give dramatic results of a strong pelvic floor, reducing incontinence problems.

The Kegel Meister With Teri Hatcher...

I tried this kegel product and I personally didn’t like it as part of my incontinence exercise routine, too high maintenance and not very convenient.

Although, it seemed that it would work very well in strengthening the kegel muscles; it just was not for me.

Kegel Exercising With Ben Wah Balls...

Now, Ben Wah Ball products on the other hand work very well and are extremely convenient!

My Favorite and Most Effective Incontinence Exercises…

Of the incontinence exercises listed on this page my favorites that I incorporate into my exercise routine for bladder control are:

  • First and foremost, the most effective for building a strong core to lift the bladder and stop pee from leaking are planking exercises and I prefer side planking.
  • Pilate Kegel exercise in the first video particularly the one with the sitting position while crossing one leg over the other and the lifting of the straight leg. If this is done properly you can feel the kegel muscles working.
  • And the Ben Wah Balls, they are super convenient because you can use them while doing just about anything. In fact, they work better if you carry on with your daily home activities while wearing them. This is a very convenient and effective incontinence exercise.

Other things you can do
to help with incontinence problems...

Quitting smoking - Smoking for most can lead to a chronic cough and this puts excessive strain on the pelvic floor muscles. If you find it hard to quit smoking, my article might be able help.

Losing weight - The excess body weight from fat puts undo pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. If you want a convenient and healthy way to help you lose weight check out dieting made easy.

Remember, when exercising be sure to drink plenty of fresh clean healthy water! And, wearing  shock absorbing shoes helps relieve the stress and pressure impacts from the joints and muscles.

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