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Core Strengthening Exercises
Are They Really That Important?

Yes, core strengthening exercises are incredibly important for a multitude of reasons. The core, which includes the muscles in your abdomen, lower back, hips and pelvis, is a central link that connects your upper and lower body.

Core Strengthening Exercises Are They Really That Important? Yes, core strengthening exercises are incredibly important for a multitude of reasons. Here are a few reasons why core strengthening exercises should be an integral part of your workout regime.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Core Strengthening Exercises Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Workout Regime:

  • Improved Balance and Stability: Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities.

  • Eases Back Pain: People who suffer from back pain can significantly benefit from core exercises. Strengthening core muscles offers the added perk of reducing strain on the lower back, reducing the chance of injury and easing existing back pain.

  • Enhanced Posture: Core-strengthening routines help to improve posture by promoting the stability of the lower back. This can also counteract any tendency towards slouching.

  • Boosted athletic performance: Most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles. This is especially true for activities where there's a need for endurance or strength.

  • Making Everyday Tasks Easier: Whether you are swinging a golf club, mopping the floor, or lifting a heavy box, you are involving your core. With a stronger core, performing these tasks can become easier and less injurious.

  • Can Aid in Weight Loss: Core exercises can help in weight loss efforts by improving your metabolism and helping you burn more calories.

  • Unrinay Incontinence Exercises: Pelvic floor and core muscles interrelate, combining kegel and core exercise can stop urine leakage.

In conclusion, Integrating core exercises into your workout schedule can reap plenty of health and fitness benefits. Keep in mind, however, that it's also important to work other muscle groups for a total body fitness program.

What Are Some Of The Most Effective Ways To Build Core Strength?

Core Strength Exercise With The Russian Twists. Sitting on the ground with your knees bent, lift your feet off the floor. Then, twist from the waist as you touch your hands to the floor on each side of your body.

  • Planks: Planks are one of the simplest and most effective core exercises. Keep your body's position maintained for as long as possible. Start by holding the plank for 20 seconds and gradually increase the time as your strength improves.

  • Russian Twists: Sitting on the ground with your knees bent, lift your feet off the floor. Then, twist from the waist as you touch your hands to the floor on each side of your body. The Russian twist can also be performed with an exercise ball or weights as you increase your core strength.

  • Bridge: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your back in a neutral position, not arched and not pressed into the floor. Try to maintain this position throughout your exercise. Raise your hips off the floor until your hips align with your knees and shoulders.

  • Bicycle Crunches: Lie down on your back, bring your knees to your chest and move your legs in a bicycling motion. As your left knee is up near your chest, touch it with your right elbow, and vice versa.

  • Bird-Dog: Begin on all fours, extend an opposite arm and leg, maintain balance, and then repeat with the opposite set. This exercise targets abs, hamstrings, and balance.

  • Leg Presses: Lie on your back with your knees bent, and then slowly raise your legs to straight up above your hips. With caution, lower them back down, stopping just before touching the ground.

  • Superman: Lie on your stomach and slowly raise your arms and legs off the floor as high as you can. This strengthens your lower back and posterior core.

Remember to start slowly and increase your workload gradually. It's also important to exhale during the exertion part of the exercise and inhale as you relax. Keep your core engaged while performing these exercises for maximum benefit.

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 Core Muscles Are The Center Of Our Being

Some of our core muscles are visible but most of the muscles that make up our core are deep tissue muscles.

Our core muscles are the center of our being for our strength, stability and even our health. If our core is weak and fatty we are sluggish and not healthy.

There are many health issues related to an unhealthy core including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, incontinence; to name a few.

Learn more about:

Belly Fat and Why It's So Dangerous at HoustonMethodist.org

There Are Many Benefits
Of Core Strengthening Exercises

Our core muscles help keep our body posture straight and help keep our bones aligned. Keeping a strong core provides energy, strength, stability increased metabolism and reduced risks of diseases, giving us overall health.

A strong core helps makes for a flat stomach and also keeps our internal organs lifted including the bladder. Building a strong core can give you bladder control helping to reduce urinary incontinence.

Fat belly also acts like a heavy weight that pulls your lower spine forward causing back pain. When you lose the belly fat and strengthen your core, these muscles can better support your spine and in turn improve your posture and reduce back pain.

Ab workout is different than a core strengthening exercise or planking. An abs workout requires movement and core strengthening exercises require little to no movement, the video below will explain.

If your exercise routine does not include core exercises you should give serious consideration in adding plank exercises to your workout routine.

If you don't have an exercise routine, you should get started on one. This is the best way to a strong, healthy and energized you and exercising also supports the Anti-Aging Process.

Planking exercises help stop urinary incontinence, stability and agility and have many benefits for overall health.

Planking For A Strong Core

An individual with a strong core will use less energy, have more energy, feel less fatigued in normal daily activities, and gives vitality in life.

OK, now that you understand how important your core is to your health and vitality and the necessity of keeping your core muscles strong; below is a video that is excellent for building a strong core and it only takes a couple of minutes a day.

At first you may not be able to do the full exercise, but you will build your core strength and, before you know it you will be able to do the full exercise.

Do Not Be Intimidated. You Can Do This!
And, Build Your Incredible Core Strength.

How To Do The Perfect Plank

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