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Core Strengthening Exercises
Are They Really That Important?

Core strengthening exercises are most vital in keeping our core strong. Your core strength helps maintain body stability (balance) which in turn will eliminate or reduce any possible falls due to lack of strength and lack of stability.

Our core is an important part of a healthy and vital life.

What is your body core? It is exactly that the core the base/foundation of your body!

It’s our abs, hips, and lower back and houses and protects most of our organs.

Core exercises should be incorporate
into your daily exercise routine.

The core muscles form around the trunk of our body including the abdominal, oblique (sides), mid section and lower back.

Some of our core muscles are visible but most of the muscles that make up our core are deep tissue muscles.

Our core muscles are the center of our being for our strength, stability and even our health.

If our core is weak and fatty we are sluggish and not healthy.

There are many health issues related to an unhealthy core including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, incontinence; to name a few.

Read more at the Mayo Clinic site on the effects of an unhealthy weak core and (belly fat).

There Are Many Benefits
Of Core Strengthening Exercises!

Our core muscles help keep our body posture straight and help keep our bones aligned. Keeping a strong core provides energy, strength, stability increased metabolism and reduced risks of diseases, giving us overall health.

A strong core helps makes for a flat stomach and also keeps our internal organs lifted including the bladder. Building a strong core gives you bladder control helping to reduce incontinence.

A fat belly also acts like a heavy weight that pulls your lower spine forward causing back pain. When you lose the belly fat and strengthen your core, these muscles can better support your spine and in turn improve your posture and reduce back pain.

Most exercise programs incorporate abs workout. However, an abs workout is different than a core strengthening exercise routine or planking. An abs workout requires movement and core strengthening exercises require little to no movement, the video below will explain.

If your exercise routine does not include core exercises you should give serious consideration in adding planking exercises to your exercise routine.

If you don't have an exercise routine, you should get started on one! This is the best way to a strong, healthy and energized you and exercises also support anti aging!

Planking exercises really help with incontinence, stability and agility and have many benefits for overall health.

Planking for a Strong Core

An individual with a strong core will use less energy, have more energy and feel less fatigued in normal daily activities, giving you more vitality in your life!

OK, now that you understand how important your core is to your health and vitality and the necessity of keeping your core muscles strong; below is a video that is excellent for building a strong core and it only takes a couple of minutes.

At first you may not be able to do the full exercise, but you will build your core strength and, before you know it you will be able to do the full exercise.

The video below is from Men's and it shows young men doing a core planking exercise, but as a 52 yrs. old women (at the creation of this page) I am able to hold for a minute now and excited to build my strength to moving my legs.

Planking exercises are incredible for building a healthy and strong core.

Do Not Be Intimidated. You Can Do This!
And, Build Incredible Core Strength.

Side Planking Exercise Video
Building a Strong Core

There is quite an array of core strengthening exercises out on the web. I found Men's Health to have good challenging and effective core strengthening exercises to work your entire core.

For men who want a ripped yet attractive body, check out
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The Only Course Directly Aimed At Getting Fit But Still Look Stylin' In Clothes. A newly released women's course is now available, click the link above.

If you have weak facial muscles and want a more chiseled, firm and smoother look, add facial exercises to your core strengthening exercises routine.

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