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Skin Firming DMAE
Lift and Tighten Skin

Skin firming DMAE anti aging products tightens & lifts your skin reducing wrinkles. Taking years off the age of your skin for a more youthful look.

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a naturally occurring substance and many skin care companies are adding the firming benefits of DMAE into their product lines

Studies show DMAE has the unique ability to lift, tighten and firm skin. In turn, decreasing wrinkles, facial sagging, neck folds, sagging cheeks, fine lines and sagging eyebrows

My Favorite Skin Firming Product
Captiva Intensive Firming Scrub

Captiva Intensive Firming Scrub stole my vote for all it's truly amazing and effective abilities!

I consider my vote stolen for the simply fact; I found, so far, no other product compares to it's skin conditioning and firming benefits. It literally took at least 10 years off the look of my skin, making it 10 years younger looking.

Update: I am very disappointed and frustrated to say my favorite skin firming and conditioning product is no longer available! I had been using it for quite a few years and during that time the company changed the product description and demographic market towards stretch marks.

Then it became really hard to find but occasionally I could find it online. Even though the marketing had changed, I still bought it, that is how well it worked for me as my firming scrub. I absolutely loved that product, but now it is not available at all anywhere!

So now, I am back on the search for a new skin firming scrub and once I find one that worked as well as my no longer available fav, I will update this page with my new favorite skin firming scrub.

The Benefits Of DMAE Skin Tightening, Firming and Lifting Are Outstanding!

You Too, Can Transform Your Skin

Captiva Skin Conditioning Benefits for all over body and face, lifts skin and reduces wrinkles. This all in one product smooths skin and gives it a deep condition, while exfoliating and it  is so gentle you can use it everyday.

If you have not tried this skin condition product, you might want to invest the little bit of money to check it out. The benefits Captiva offers is well beyond its cost, it is a great value. This skin firming and smoothing product could easily sell for three times what it actually sells for.

  • Gentle... Captiva is not a coarse firming scrub it does not scratch or micro tear your skin. Some skin scrubs can be very abrasive to your skin.
  • Effective... Captiva contains DMAE, a naturally occurring agent renowned for its skin tightening and firming abilities for anti aging skin.
  • Exfoliates... Captiva exfoliates and cleanses at the same time. Eliminating the need for a 2 step process of cleaning and exfoliating your skin.
  • Cell Regeneration... Captiva penetrates deep into the cellular level of your skin providing cell regeneration for firm tighter skin.
  • Cost Effective... Many DMAE products are expensive and I found Captiva Intensive Firming Scrub to be most effective yet easy on the wallet.

DMAE Product For Anti Aging Skin

Captiva is an intensive firming scrub for overall body and face refinement that firms and treats skin like nothing else. Cleanse and beautify your skin daily; this unique scrub actually works to firm, lift, exfoliate and hydrate!

This concentrated formula combines natural exfoliates with clinically proven firming agents DMAE and moisturizers, leaving remarkably improved skin tone and texture.

DMAE Aids Healthy Cell Rejuvenation...

Captiva contains premium Beeswax, that has been used for centuries as a natural moisturizer and skin protector. Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) enhances the production of collagen for new and revitalized skin; providing a firmer and lifted face.

There are plenty of anti aging skin firming products for your whole body, but Captiva gives the best skin conditioning and firming benefits that I have found so far.

Using this gentle, but effective, hydrating, exfoliating, firming and cost effective anti aging product for your skin gives you beautifully, smooth, tight and lifted skin for that radiant glow!

You Will Be Amazed At How Your Skin Will React and Transform Into Beautiful Younger Looking Skin!

DMAE Renowned For Its Anti Aging, Skin Firming and Lifting Abilities! And even though my fav is not available anymore, more and more companies are adding this all natural organic compound to their products. So hopefully it won't be too long before I find my new favorite skin firming scrub.

For more information on the skin firming abilities of DMAE, check out the link provided below.


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