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Drug Contaminated Water
Helping To Fuel A Health Epidemic

Drug contaminated water and how we unknowingly ingest pharmaceutical drugs from our water supplies. How this is helping to fuel the 21st century health epidemic of Candida infections affecting millions of people.

Pharmaceuticals In Our Drinking Water?

There is a growing problem of pharmaceutical drugs contaminating our groundwater, rivers, lakes, estuaries and bays. And, It Is Posing Alarming Health Problems!

There is a growing problem of pharmaceutical drugs contaminating our groundwater, rivers, lakes, estuaries and bays.

This water pollution problem raises a host of health issues for millions of Americans drinking this water, and it is not just from our tap water supplies.

Antibiotics and steroids are everywhere, it’s not enough that they are already overused, but we consume them even when we don’t know it. Most people don’t realize they are highly likely consuming pharmaceutical drugs from antibiotics and steroids to hormones and contraceptives to name a few, through drinking water. Not to mention the heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs being flushed down toilets.

Most of us know our dairy and meat supply is full of antibiotics and steroids (growth hormones), but probably have never thought that drugs are finding their way into and contaminating our water supplies.

And, It Is Posing Alarming Health Problems!

How Is A Candida Fungal Infection Related
To The Drug Contaminated Water Concern?

The Candida infection epidemic in today’s society has a large and direct connection to the overuse and abuse of antibiotics, steroid and other anti-infective drugs this includes drugs contaminating our water supplies.

There are an overwhelming 85% of all Americans affected by Candida symptoms in one way or another from toe fungus to sepsis. Antibiotics and steroids, the miracle drugs of the 20th century now play a large role in health concerns and  environmental contamination in the 21st century. So how is it, something that was once a miracle drug became so bad for the human population?

You can not suppress the immune system without suppressing the good bacteria that keeps us healthy, and this leaves our body’s in comprised.

Antibiotics opens the gateway for Candida fungus to start wreaking havoc on the body. And there are hundreds of Candida Symptoms making millions sick. Even though you may have never taken these drugs, you have more than likely ingested them, whether you know it or not.

So, How Do These Drugs Make There Way Into Our Body Without Intent?

They make there way through drug contaminated water and the meats and dairy products you consume. Low levels of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, hormones, contraceptives and steroids have been found in 80% of the rivers and streams sampled. So you see, it is quite easy to ingest these drugs and not just from the antibiotic riddle foods we eat, but from the contaminated water we drink.

Here is how and why:

How Drugs Contaminate Our Water and Food Supplies.

Our meat sources from factory farms live in absolute horrifying, over crowded and unsanitary living conditions and are given antibiotics to help keep them as healthy as possible.

Our meat sources, cows, pigs, chickens etc. are fed antibiotics and steroids to help keep them healthy and produce meat faster.

Antibiotics And The Meat We Eat: Our meat sources from factory farms live in absolute horrifying conditions and are given antibiotics to help keep them as healthy as possible and to compensate for the unsanitary and over crowded living condition.

The Use Of Steroids At Factory Farms: Growth Hormones are given to these animal to increase their weight and muscle mass; making them produce more meat and faster.

About 80% of antibiotics produced in the U.S. are given to farm animals; our meat and dairy supply. Two trillion tons of animal waste is produced each year, and it's full of drug residues, this waste seeps into and contaminates ground water and surface water.

So even if you do not eat these meat sources, you may still be exposed to antibiotics from simply drinking water.

Other ways our water supplies are being contaminated with drugs.

Unused medications are being flushed down toilets as is the drug residues from our body’s waste material. Sewage treatment plants were never designed to eliminate such drug contaminants.

Americans spend billions of dollars on prescription drugs, antibiotics and steroids every year and this alone fuels the Candida infection epidemic, but then we urinate up to 90% of some of these drugs.

Unused medications are being flushed down toilets and so is the drug residues from our body’s waste material.  And, sewage treatment plants and septic systems were never designed to eliminate such contaminants. Additional discharges by healthcare facilities exacerbate the problem.

Many urbanized areas that implement water saving policies to reduce the amount of waste water increases the concentration of these drugs in the remaining water. This is a lot of drug residue contamination making way to our drinking water!

Water treatment plants remove chemicals, so why are these drugs not eliminated?

  • Medicines are designed to be sustainable and are not readily broken down and this makes them hard to be eliminated once they reach the water treatment plants.
  • Most water treatment plants are not designed to remove the drug contaminates that are affecting our water supplies.
  • Since there is little knowledge or concern of the effects of antibiotics and their relation to the health epidemic of Candida infections, these facilities are not required to take measures to filter out the contamination of drugs.

There are approximately 126 different drugs identified contaminating our water supplies, making it easy to ingest medications without intent; simply by drinking this drug contaminated water.

These drugs are not only creating a fungal health epidemic they are also affecting water dwelling creatures and could force a slow moving evolution or ecological change in our water supplies and sources.

The next time you drink water, you might consider it a free small dose of antibiotics, steroids or a number of other medicines, including illegal ones. This is not just limited to your kitchen; restaurants and fast food places get their meat and water supplies from the same source we do.

Candida yeast overgrowth is responsible for 85% of fungal infections and the people who get bloodstream infections can become sepsis. Sepsis takes one in three lives, no matter how you became Septic. Sepsis can begin anytime a bacteria, parasite, fungi or virus enters the body. The Candida Infection Epidemic is the 21st Century fungal health problem.

This is quite a lot to ponder!

Drug Contaminated Water Is A Real Concern

What You Can Do To Avoid Being Part Of This Fungal Infection Epidemic.

  • Bottled water may help reduce your exposure to drinking drug contaminated water, but you should keep in mind that most companies that bottle water do not treat or filter for medications.
  • This means it is possible that bottled water has a high chance of being contaminated with these drugs and 25% of all bottled water is tap water; not filtered at all!
  • Better yet, buy a water filter for your home water faucet or even a whole house water system. Many have the capability to remove contamination of drug residues.
  • Buy foods that reduce your exposure to antibiotics and steroids.
  • Learn how to live a healthy Candida infection free lifestyle.

How you can take part in cleaning up our drug contaminated water supplies.

Things you can do to avoid discarding drugs into our water supply.

Don’t flush any drugs down the toilet. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration sponsors National Prescription Drug Take Back Days across the country several times a year.

Don’t flush any drugs down the toilet.

Follow the drug’s label or patient information for disposal instructions

Take unused drugs back to the pharmacy or ask if there is a local take back drug program.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration sponsors National Prescription Drug Take Back Days (opens new tab) across the country several times a year.

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