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How to Handle the Cold Weather
By Changing Your Diet

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Frosty weather can be an enemy to aging individuals. It's harder to move around because the cold weather could contribute to the stiffening of the joints. Staying mobile is a good way to ward off the cold, even if all you want to do is stay indoors. Exercise is a great way to handle the cold, even if all you can do right now is use the gym equipment because it's too cold to go jogging.

Retired individuals don't have it easy, contrary to the notion that these guys can laze about and do nothing when the weather is bad. In fact, the cold weather is a great challenge for those that no longer have the reason to rush out in the morning to go to work. Because the weather is conducive to staying at home, they have to find more reason to go out and get their daily exercise.

If you're going out on a cold day, you might want to pick up some of the best foods to eat during this time. These foods are comforting and healthy. They can soothe your limbs and help with digestion. Adding these foods to your daily meals can help insulate your body.

Seeds and nuts are good for you because they contain fats and proteins. A bowl of boiled peanuts on a cold day can help your body warm up longer. The same goes for pumpkin seeds, fennel seeds and sesame. The best thing about these nuts and seeds is that they can be incorporated into any dish.

Use Spices Liberally

Tangy aromatics like cinnamon, ginger and cloves are great for cold days because they help keep the body temperature up. They can also be added to drinks like tea, chocolate and eggnog. These spices are also great for keeping your heart rate up.

Ginger, in particular can be good for clearing up congestion in your respiratory tract. Boil a cup of water and add ginger for that instant cold relief you want. Cinnamon has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can help with indigestion due to bacteria and can help relieve headaches or fever.

Pepper is another spice that you might want to use in your dishes. While the main component that gives pepper that spicy flavor is bad for you if taken in excess, it can help with keeping your body warm and your heart rate up if used sparingly.

If you want an easy way to get warm, saute some onions and garlic and use them to make incredible dishes. Even a simple omelet will taste better if these two spices are added in. These two spices are known as natural cold relievers. They can also help lower cholesterol content in your blood.

Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are good for your body because they give you the natural minerals you won't get from other foods. They can help boost your immune system so that you won't get sick during the winter season. Fruits are especially good because they contain natural sugars. Honey is also a great sugar substitute.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at RockwellNutrition.com.

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By Changing Your Diet

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Aug 15, 2013
Thank You!
by: Anti Aging Resource Center

Alesha, Thank you for sharing you tips. I am sure many people will find this information helpful.

Thanks again, Debra Bolton

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