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Teeth Whitening At Home
How To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth

Teeth Whitening at home with professional results. Simple solutions on how to get rid of yellow teeth and look years younger!

Do you have yellow teeth and want whiter teeth? Are your yellowing teeth making you feel and look old?

When It Comes To The Signs Of Aging, Your Teeth Are Right Up There With Wrinkled Skin As One Of The Most Prominent Signs Of Aging....

There are several home whitening products on the market today that can give professional whitening results.

So which one do you choose?

That is a tough question! Unless you have used them all, so I will share my teeth whitening tips and homes products that I use with great results. I have sensitive teeth so the products that I use are also safe and effective whitening methods for people with sensitive teeth.

Getting Your Teeth White Again
Will Take Years Off How Old You Look!

Professional Teeth Whiteninng Results At Home

How to Get Whiter Teeth at Home With Professional Whitening Results...

First and foremost, the best teeth whitener and resource for your teeth and a fresh mouth is you. Get back your white teeth with due diligence and a serious anti aging treatment for getting rid of yellowing teeth and even teeth with brown build up.

Start with whitening toothpaste, I prefer Crest 3D White for my morning brushing and Crest Night Pro Health for my evening tooth brushing, they work amazing in maintaining my white teeth.

Note: For the sake of creating a mind set consider brushing your teeth as a teeth whitening session from here forward.

How much time should you spend brushing your teeth? Spend 4 to 6 minutes per teeth whitening session instead of the 1 to 2 minutes that the average person spends brushing their teeth. You should have at the minimum two whitening sessions per day making your last session just before bed. Never go to bed without clean teeth!

Brush each tooth individually front and back and really try to get the  bristles in between each tooth.

Be sure you are getting under the gum line; you can accomplish this with a slight angle of your tooth brush, down for lower teeth and up for upper teeth.

Spend as much time brushing the backside of your teeth as the front. 

Most people spend their time brushing the most visible part of their teeth, the front, and not on the backside of their teeth.

A whitening session consists of your entire mouth, brush your tongue; including under it , the sides of it and as far back on your tongue as you can, the inside of your cheeks and the roof of your mouth.

To avoid gagging while brushing your tongue stick it out as far and as firm as you can and begin brushing the sides of your tongue first keeping it as firm as possible. I don't know exactly why but this does help relieve the gagging reflects.

And of course Flossing should be done everyday; if not everyday then at minimum once a week!

Brushing longer for whiter teeth and healthier gums may give more wear on the tooth enamel so, you will not want to apply hard pressure just a nice massaging level of pressure on each tooth and the gum line.

Simple Home Whitening Tips For Your Teeth

For the best teeth whitenig results use a soft or medium bristle tooth brush.

1.  I have found that the best toothbrush to use for whitening my teeth is one that has raised bristles on the outer edges and longer bristle in the front.

Your tooth brush should be a soft or medium bristle; not a hard bristle tooth brush. The bristles need to be flexible in order to get in between teeth and is gentle on the tooth enamel.

2.  A great trick to aid in a thorough and efficient teeth cleaning is to use your mouth wash prior to a teeth whitening session. This helps your tooth paste work better and last longer and gives a much cleaner feel during and after brushing.

3.  To get the yellow and brown build up off the back of teeth use a dental pik once a month or every few weeks. You can find these tools at your local drugs store or buy online.

These are little things you can do that can make a big difference in getting a clean fresh mouth and white teeth again.

Best Teeth Whitening At Home Product
for Professional Whitening Results...

To get a head start on getting rid of yellowing teeth and stains, there are home products with professional whitening results. These teeth whitening application are quick and easy with no mess or time consuming fuss.

Want to get professional whitening results done quickly? This 5 minute home product whitens teeth amazingly and fast.

And, most are  easy on sensitive teeth.

Whitening kits are an innovative approach to home teeth whitening producing clinically proven  whitening results with minimal to no procedural teeth sensitivity and maximum efficiency.

After the initial use of this teeth whitening home product, you will only need to use it once every 2 to 5 months; depending on how well you have maintained keeping your teeth white.

I have found Power Swabs to be the easiest, fastest and quickest way to a whiter smile so it gets my vote as the best home tooth whitening product.

Whiter teeth can make a big difference in the way you see yourself, feel about yourself and the way others see you.

And, if you think of brushing your teeth as a whitening session; that is exactly what it becomes; a whiter teeth session getting rid of the yellowing on your teeth and not just a few strokes to get the food out of your teeth.

A side bonus of a clean fresh mouth with no more yellow teeth or brown build will make you feel and look  younger, too!

Get Your Teeth White Again and Brighten Up Your Smile...

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