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Know Your Metabolism Type
Take The Metabolic Test

Metabolism type, do you know your metabolism type? Take this simple metabolic test and find out what foods to eat. So your body can metabolize it into the energy that it needs; not storing it as fat.

Knowing and following your body's metabolism you will become healthier and can get optimal weight loss.

Most of you will be able to determine your type of metabolism from the test form below.

Be honest when testing, for true results.

If you have had a significant change in your health or weight (gain or loss) over the last year, you may want to get a blood test.

Why You Should Know Your Metabolism Type
And Understanding Why It Is Important

Understanding and knowing your metabolism type will assist you in knowing what foods to eat for your specific body needs.

Understanding and knowing your metabolism type will assist you in knowing what foods to eat for your specific body needs.  

When your body can metabolize the food you eat you become healthier, leaner and more energized, simply because it is getting the nutrients it needs.

It is important to give your body the right foods that it needs so it can quickly metabolize the nutrients into energy; not storing it as fat

Three Basic Different Types of Metabolism
Each Requiring A Specific Diet

Taking this metabolic test you can quickly identify which metabolism type you are:

Be sure to be honest with this metabolic test, there are no right or wrong answers. Just results of what metabolism you have! Grab pencil and paper to keep track of your score.

1. Do you suffer from any of the following?         Yes ___ No__

• Alcoholism (physiological dependence upon alcohol)
• Diabetes type 1 (juvenile onset)
• Diabetes type 2 (adult onset)

If you answered Yes to any of the above three questions, you are:
Fat and Protein Efficient

2. Either parent suffer from the following?            Yes __ No __

• Alcoholism (physiological dependence upon alcohol)
• Diabetes type 1 (juvenile onset) (at least one parent)
• Diabetes type 2 (adult onset) (both parents)

If you answered Yes to any of the above three questions, you are:
Fat and Protein Efficient

3. Is your sleep restful?

If you are a parent and have to wake up during the night to attend to your children, choose a night when this does not happen or try to remember what your sleep patterns were like before you had a child.

• Restful - Rarely wake up during the night. Wake up feeling energized. 0
• Restless - Usually wake up one or more times. Wake up feeling tired. 2

4. Do you get cravings for certain types of foods?

• Yes, daily or weekly 0
• No, once a month or less - 4

5. If “Yes,” what longings are most common?

• Cheese, French fries, fried food 2
• Candy, cookies, ice cream 4
• Steak - 2

6. How many times do you urinate during the night?

• Two times or fewer 0
• Three times or more 2

7. Which following three body type’s best describes you?

If you are currently overweight, which one described you in your prime?
Be honest.

• Long and lean, difficult to gain weight - 4
• Sturdy, stocky frame that is naturally strong 4
• A frame, smaller through the waist and hips, larger in the shoulders - 1

8. Which activities are more comfortable for you?

• Strength activities - power yoga, push-ups, weight training, sprinting 2
• Endurance activities - jogging, cycling, rollerblading - 4
• Equally comfortable with both strength and endurance 0

9. Are any of your siblings (from the same parents) affected by the following?

• Diabetes type 1 (juvenile onset) 1
• Diabetes type 2 (adult onset) 1

10. Do you or your parents have a history of heart disease, high cholesterol levels, coronary episode/heart attack prior to age 65, cardiac procedures such as angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery?

• Heart disease—you are affected - 5
• Heart disease—mother is/was affected - 2
• Heart disease—father is/was affected - 2

TOTAL POINTS: ________

Key To Metabolism Type Test Results

If your total is over 2 - you are Fat and Protein-Efficient.
If your total is negative - you are Carbohydrate-Efficient.
If your total is 0 - you are Dual-Efficient.

If your total is within 1 to 2 points of another metabolic type, it is recommended you start as a Dual-Efficient metabolism and retest every four weeks.

For a deeper understanding and knowing your metabolic type, some opt to buy home tests that are widely available online and in brick and mortar stores.

Metabolism Types Broke Down by Population and Example Meals of Metabolism Type

 Fat and Protein Efficient - 74 % of population

This metabolism type can more efficiently utilize fats and proteins than carbohydrates, creating a physique that is naturally strong. A diet for this type of metabolism consists of 50 percent protein, 25 percent fat and 25 percent carbohydrates.

Example meal: An 8-ounce flank steak, 3 cups of a side salad and a small portion of asparagus.

Carbohydrate efficient - 23% of population

This metabolism type group easily digests and stores carbohydrates, creating a physique that has tremendous endurance capacity. A diet for this type of metabolism consists of 68 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent proteins and 12 percent fats.

Example meal: One-and-a-half cups of pasta, 4 ounces of shrimp and steamed vegetables.

Dual Efficient - 3 % of population

If you are this metabolism type you have the special ability to utilize all three nutrients - fat, protein and carbohydrates with equal ease, creating a physique that equally combines both strength and endurance. A diet for this type of metabolism consists of 33 percent of each carbohydrate, protein and fat.

Example meal: A 6-ounce grilled chicken, a half of a yam and steamed vegetables.

Now that you know your metabolism type, you can gear your diet toward boosting it and getting to your optimal weight and health.

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* During my Metabolism Type research I came across this exceptionally informative site on Nutrient Absorption and the Genetic Variations that may affect how we respond to specific diets. Click to go there.


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