Alternative Cancer Treatments
& Natural Healing Cancer Cures

Alternative Cancer Treatments options may have to be a social movement. Optionele alternatieve kankertherapieën zijn niet zo snel mogelijk bij de bevolking, dus het is voor ons, het publiek, om de kans op natuurlijk healing kanker te krijgen.

  • Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with cancer?
  • Do you want to avoid getting cancer?
  • Are you looking for alternative and natural ways to fight this deadly and scary disease?

Derefter vil du utforske de tilgængelige muligheder for naturlig helbredelse og lære hvor mange som er kampen mot kreft!

Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments
That Are Working For Thousands Of People ...

Selv om de ikke er velkendte til massemængden eller ligefrem en lille procentdel, er der kræfthelbredende publikationer af naturligt helbredende kræftbehandlinger, som tusinder af mennesker er fordelagtige fra.

This information is not readily available due to the close, cozy and tight lipped relationships of Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Media, Big Charity and Big Government, and their lack of interest in pursuing these compelling optional alternative cancer therapy findings because it won't line their pockets.

Despite this; there are several alternative options of natural cancer treatments that have been saving many lives.

Why Are Alternative Cancer
Healing Therapies Hard To Find?

This Is Quite The Controversial Question!

These alternative cancer therapies are hard to find because the research and the people behind getting this life saving information out there are persecuted, squashed, imprisoned, and shut down by the Big's listed above for the simple reason, if people start being cured then there is no money to be made in traditional medicine for these conglomerates.

And Cancer is Big Business...!!!

Once the word spreads about these alternative cancer treatments they will not be able to financially capitalize on these life saving healing therapy alternatives.

It is sad to say or even think that financial gain is more important than the lives of those suffering with cancer. The cancer cure rate of alternative natural treatments is extraordinary. Although not a 100% cure rate, it is high enough to start saving millions of lives every year around the globe, with no bad or negative side effects.

But these alternative cancer treatments are not readily available to the public, so they can benefit from these optional cancer cures. These optional therapies just aren’t getting to the public as easily as you would think they should, even though options are available to naturally cure cancer. It's just boggles my mind and pisses me off..!! Pardon my words, it just really angers me!

Cancer Cures Have Been in The Headlines
Time and Time Again, But Goes Nowhere!

"Cancer Cure Discovered..!!"

If you have read through any of my other articles on natural treatments or remedies, then you are aware that a natural remedy can not be patented and because of this the drug company’s can’t make money therefore; they will not touch a product where they can not line their pockets.

Instead of natural cancer cures becoming a mainstay in headlines, they are being kept as quiet as possible and left to the rest of us to help spread the word.

Just think, where will all the Bigs be when the people start curing themselves naturally with alternative healing methods; they would pretty much be out of business. If this were too become the new normal; insurance cost would go down or almost become obsolete. Cost of medicine would be reduced dramatically as it would not be in high demand.

There are many benefits to us treating ourselves with alternative natural therapies; the best benefit is living a longer, healthier and vital life, not to mention; money saved.

Finding out if you are a candidate for cancer is simple these days through a blood test.

There are many blood test available through online services and people are utilizing these service to better understand the health condition of their bodies.

And, a lot cheaper than and doctor's office visit and lab costs.

Alternative Cancer Treatments Are More Effective than Traditional Medicine!

The war on cancer began with the National Cancer Act of 1971 It was signed into law by U.S. President Richard Nixon on December 23, 1971, but yet there is still no truly effective cancer cure therapy or treatment available in traditional medicine.

Cancer is Big Business! It is very sad that it is a business, rather than a shared healing resource for people with cancer.

Natural healing and alternative cancer treatments options are far more effective than traditional medicine such as chemotherapy. They target cancer cells, do not damage healthy cells and nourish the non-cancerous cells, to help build or rebuild the immune system so it can kill cancer cells by itself.

A recent study shows chemotherapy only contributes to a 5-year survival in 2.3% of cancer cases. Another recent study shows this cancer treatment reduces the size of tumors but in turn helps develop cancer stem cells that counter the effect of this treatment.

The Search for Alternative Cancer Cures...

The search for alternative cancer cures wouldn't be necessary, if traditional medicine had an effective healing treatment or would opt in to pursue the alternative natural cures for this deadly disease and help bring them to the public.

With all that said, if you or someone you know is suffering with cancer and want to know what options are available in alternative cancer treatments, there are many available resources out there.

And, The Truth About Cancer has a great platform, is educational and has an interactive community sharing and supporting one another. In fact, their motto is: educate, expose and eradicate.

To learn more about and Alternative Cancer Treatments click here.

To bring alternative cancer treatments to light , where people can benefit from them, may just have to be a social movement. The polio vaccine succeeded in eradicating a deadly disease without making a profit. Maybe this is how alternative cancer cures will come to be, as well.

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