Alternative Arthritis Treatment

Alternative arthritis treatment, light therapy is the natural choice for many. The deep penetrating power of Red and Infrared light wavelengths deliver beneficial results of healing and overall pain control and relief.

The infrared and near infrared lights increase blood flow and the oxidation rate, which helps expel excess fibrin, reducing inflammation and toxins that build up causing arthritis pain and flare-ups.

These deep penetrating Light Therapy systems have become widely available for home use.

DPL Therapy Light System Penetrates Deeper Than Most Other Home Systems.

My mother and I have been using light therapy since 2009. We use the DPL® from Led Technologies.

Light therapy products have evolved over the years and has become a mainstream for people to treat their arthritis inflammation naturally.

Today there are many manufacturers offering a wide array of light products to choose from.

Many arthritis sufferers have turned to this alternative treatment for reducing fibrin and inflammation to relieve and manage their symptoms at home, because it works!

I had carpal tunnel in both my hands and used this alternative treatment to relieve the painful symptoms and once I had my surgery done, I used it to speed up the healing process. I also use it when my Plantar Fasciitis flares up and both, my mom and I, use deep penetrating light therapy for our arthritis flare ups and general aches and pains, the ones that come as we age.

How Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Works
As A Natural Alternative Arthritis Treatment

Infrared light therapy system uses a form of energy called photon wavelengths. These waves carries the healing properties from the LED's (light emitting diodes) to your specific areas for systemic rejuvenation, getting rid of excess fibrin and toxin build up that inhibit your body’s own healing capabilities.

The deep penetrating Red and Infrared light therapy stimulates the circulatory system and studies indicate the efficiency of 660nm and 880nm LED's are:

  • highly effective in breaking down and carrying away toxins
  • cleaning up your system at the integral root level (systemic)
  • helping the body's natural curative regeneration capabilities

This high intensity LED therapy provides a natural safe alternative to those living with arthritis pain and its symptoms that have not been able to get relief with other methods.

The Same Infrared Light Therapy
Used By Healthcare Providers

This is the same infrared light therapy technology used by doctors, physical therapist, medi spas and chiropractors helping their patients naturally control pain, inflammation and swelling.

The consumers in home use of infrared light therapy expanded rapidly, when LED Technologies, LLC received FDA clearance in November 2008 for their DPL® Therapy System allowing this therapeutic system to become available to the general public without a doctor’s referral or prescription.

Infrared light therapy is the alternative arthritis treatment breakthrough of the 21st Century! This alternative treatment is an affordable option to naturally manage pain and offers a potential reduction in OTC’s and dangerous prescription drugs.

DPL red and infrared light therapy power for pain and inflammation relief.

This is the alternative arthritis treatment system model my mom and I use; it's a dual system.

We use it for skin rejuvenation too and we've had it for 10 years.

But as time goes by, technology and models update and this panel system has become difficult to find. The new DPL® Light Therapy System is a flexible and more convenient system for your pain relief efforts.

Infrared light therapy treatments
are the safer and natural option for many

People are using infrared light therapy as an alternative arthritis treatment because it works and traditional medications hasn't giving them the relief they want.

And, their concerns of side effects associated with drug therapy. Light therapy is the alternative safer and natural way to manage pain associated with arthritis.

Light Therapy Gives You The Alternative
To Effectively Treat Arthritis Naturally

The light therapy systems effectively reduces arthritis symptoms and many other ailments; it is proven a safe, non ablative and non invasive way to relieve all types of pain and helps accelerate the healing process. Red and infrared light LED therapy systems are a great and natural alternative for reducing fibrin, inflammation, general pain relief and age management.

Here's a list of what people are using light therapy for:

•    Deep Muscle Problems
•    Carpal Tunnel 
•    Wrist Pain
•    Pain Relief
•    TMJ 
•    Cartilage Wear 
•    Shoulder Pain
•    Golfers Elbow 
•    Reduce Existing Scar Tissue
•    Tendon Problems
•    Neuralgia
•    Bursitis
•    Increase Range of Motion
•    Spasms & Knots
•    Tennis Elbow
•    Plantar Fasciitis
•    Inflammation
•    Leg Pain
•    Arthritic Pain
•    Strains & Stress

•    Ankle Problems 
•    Speed Healing of Hematomas
•    Neck Pain & Stiffness
•    Bone Spurs
•    Bruises
•    Ligament Tears 
•    Prevents Scar Tissue
•    Sore Back
•    Articulations 
•    Muscle Atrophies 
•    Eliminate Post-Event Stress
•    Bone Chips
•    Nerve Injuries
•    Bedsores
•    Torn Cartilage 
•    Bone Fractures
•    Tight Muscles
•    Tissue Repair
•    Swelling

Advanced Dual Home Use
Alternative Arthritis Treatment

Light Therapy has made huge strides in the alternative pain and age management for the DIY'ers.

As baby boomers age, arthritis becomes prevalent and as the word spreads about this home use alternative arthritis treatment and overall anti aging product, we will begin to see more and more vital baby boomers that are not only in less pain, but with great mobility and looking younger.

Some system also offers alternative anti aging skin rejuvenation, dual system!

As an alternative arthritis treatment, the DPL’s Infrared deep penetrating LED Therapy, offers promising beneficial results for natural pain relief therapy at home.

DPL FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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