Alternative Arthritis Treatment

Alternative arthritis treatment, infrared light therapy naturally manages limiting and painful arthritis symptoms. The DPL® Deep Penetrating Light Therapy system is becoming widely available for home use.

DPL Therapy Light System Penetrates Deeper Than Most Other Home Systems.

And, many arthritis sufferers are turning to alternative therapies to manage their painful symptoms at home.

Infrared light therapy offers reduced inflammation.

The infrared and near infared lights increase blood flow and the oxidation rate, which helps carry out and expel excess fibrin, and toxins that build up causing arthritis inflammation and its flare-ups.

Infrared Light Therapy Provides
Natural Pain Management

This high intensity portable LED (light emitting diode) provides a natural safe alternative to those living with arthritis pain and its symptoms, that have not been able to get relief with other methods including other alternative pain therapies.

Infrared Light Therapy
The Safer and Natural Option

People have been using infrared light therapy as an alternative arthritis treatment for several years, simply because it is available now for home use and traditional medical treatments aren’t giving them the relief they need.

Not to mention, their concerns of side effects associated with drug therapy. Alternative infrared light therapy is a safer and natural way to manage pain associated with arthritis.

The Same Infrared Light Therapy Used By Healthcare Providers

This is the same infrared light therapy technology used by doctors, physical therapist, medi spas and chiropractors helping their patients naturally control pain, inflammation and swelling.

The consumers in home use of infrared light therapy expanded rapidly, when LED Technologies, LLC received FDA clearance in November 2008 for their DPL® Therapy System allowing this therapeutic system to become available to the general public without a doctor’s referral or prescription.

DPL Infrared light LED therapy is the alternative arthritis treatment breakthrough of the 21st Century! The DPL® infrared light therapy LED system is an affordable option to naturally manage pain and offers a potential reduction in OTC’s and dangerous prescription drugs.

DPL red and infrared light therapy power for pain and inflammation relief.

The Power of Infrared LED Therapy...

The system panels use the deep penetrating power of Red and Infrared light wave lengths to deliver beneficial results of healing and overall pain control and relief.

DPL LED Panel for Arthritis Pain Relief

The DPL® Therapy System effectively reduces arthritis symptoms and general pain; it is proven a safe, non ablative and non invasive way to relieve all types of pain and helps accelerate the healing process. Red and infrared light LED therapy is a great and natural alternative for pain relief and age management.

The deep penetrating Red and Infrared light therapy stimulates the circulatory system and studies indicate the efficiency of 660nm and 880nm LED (light emitting diodes) are:

  • highly effective in breaking down and carrying away toxins
  • cleaning up your system at the integral root level (systemic)
  • helping the body's natural curative regeneration capabilities

Uses of Infrared Light Therapy
to Naturally Manage Pain:

•    Deep Muscle Problems
•    Carpal Tunnel 
•    Wrist Pain
•    Pain Relief
•    TMJ 
•    Cartilage Wear 
•    Shoulder Pain
•    Golfers Elbow 
•    Reduce Existing Scar Tissue
•    Tendon Problems
•    Neuralgia
•    Bursitis
•    Increase Range of Motion
•    Spasms & Knots
•    Tennis Elbow
•    Plantar Fasciitis
•    Inflammation
•    Leg Pain
•    Arthritic Pain
•    Strains & Stress

•    Ankle Problems 
•    Speed Healing of Hematomas
•    Neck Pain & Stiffness
•    Bone Spurs
•    Bruises
•    Ligament Tears 
•    Prevent Formation of Scar Tissue
•    Sore Back
•    Articulations 
•    Muscle Atrophies 
•    Eliminate Post-Event Stress
•    Bone Chips
•    Nerve Injuries
•    Bedsores
•    Torn Cartilage 
•    Bone Fractures
•    Tight Muscles
•    Tissue Repair
•    Swelling

DPL Therapy System - Advanced Home Use Alternative Arthritis Treatment Technology

The DPL Infrared light therapy system uses a form of energy called photon wavelengths which carries the healing properties from the LED's (light emitting diodes) to your specific areas for comfort and rejuvenation and expels excess fibrin and toxin build up that inhibit your body’s own healing capabilities and also delivers help to the systemic level for quicker rejuvenation.

DPL® Therapy System is making huge strides in the alternative pain and age management self help for do it your selfers. As baby boomers begin to age, arthritis is becoming prevalent in our society and as the word spreads about this home use alternative arthritis treatment and overall anti aging product, we will begin to see more and more vital baby boomers that are not only in less pain, but with great mobile and looking younger; this system also offers alternative anti aging skin rejuvenation!

As an alternative arthritis treatment, the DPL’s Infrared deep penetrating light LED Therapy panels, offer the most promising beneficial results for natural therapy of pain relief and control at home.

The most advanced home use anti aging and health care product for your entire body..!!

Get The DPL Therapy System at A Discount
No Coupon or Promotional Code Needed..!!

We are very excited to announce and proud to share the proven and effective benefits of the Deep Penetrating Light at a discount, for just $299.99.

That's a savings of $50.00 off the list price. The DPL® Therapy System list price starts at $349.99 at most retail store locations and online sites.

BHW Enterprises, LLC is an authorized distributor of LED Technologies DPL® Therapy System and for a limited we are offering this amazing deal..

Coupon or promotional code for this great offer on the DPL® Therapy System is not required.


Don't miss out on this incredible savings,

get your dual Alternative Anti Aging System today!

Click here to read the FAQ's about this powerful and natural Alternative Anti Aging Skin Treatment.

DPL System Specs:

  • FDA Approved
  •  No Prescription Required
  • Two LED Panels Using both red and infrared LEDs consisting of 154 880nm Infrared LEDs & 20 - 660nm Red LEDs
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Velcro Strap For Body Treatment
  • Panel Inter-Connect Cord
  • AC Power Supply (110-240 Volts)
  • Warranty Registration Car
  • 1Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Overall weight shipped: 6 lbs

DPL Therapy System a great value

the whole family can use..!!

Color Choice

DPL FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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Alternative Anti Aging DPL Therapy System for Home Use. Relieves Pain and Reduces Wrinkles. It is a dual anti aging system.

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