About Me And My

About Me and My Anti Aging Resource Center. I like to call it the Anti Aging Place for Everyone, No Matter Your Age!

Resources for vitality and slowing downing the aging process through research of anti aging treatments, anti aging solutions and anti aging products, this is my passion!

I'm a Lover of Life, Enjoy Everything I Do, Absolutely No Pretense; I am A Caregiver At Heart!

I come from the hospitality industry where I spent most of my career life. I have a passion for helping people enjoy and making their experiences exceptional..!!

I also carry a hard core passion for staying young and vital as possible. I am 52 at the time of this writing (2/2012).

The Story of my labor of love and how my online business success came to be

It all began in 2004 with my thirst for knowledge of anti aging and the aging process. I am a baby boomer and want to stay as healthy and vital as possible. And, in 2007 I wanted to be able to share my collective research with everyone, but I couldn’t find the right resource for creating a website, that fit my needs.

I knew nothing about the web except searching, emailing and the simple things most of us do on the internet. That was until mid 2011, but more on that later.

I tried several different avenues from web hosting companies trying to build my own website with no knowledge of what I was doing or how to market; so you my potential readers could find me and then, to finally buying into MLM’s so I could learn from someone else (a coach).

Still the resources just were not there, at least not what I needed or wanted (education and true know how guidance).

After several failed attempts and a few life changes, my dreams of sharing my research went to the back burner.

It was 2008 when all came crashing down. I like many, was badly affected by the economy crisis. I lost my job/income, my home and my credit worthiness! If I had found my vehicle to create my website prior to the 2008 economy crisis, losing my job would not have matter so much.

I would still have my home of more than 18 years, all that is gone now. History, done, over; moving on!

More and more of us baby boomers are looking for ways to replace financial loss and our retirement that was lost in the economic crisis of 2008.

New Focuses and New Goals!
Aspirations and Goals, two of my favorite words!

Solo Build It! Case Studies

 Many Others Have Found The Vehicle
For Creating Their Freedom Too!

With the right webmaster tools you can become a successful entrepreneur and have your freedom!

During that horrible time, I still held on to hope of one day finding my vehicle to creating a successful online business to share my collective research and information of the anti aging world. It was still my passion and goal to get it out there!

And then one day, I was researching anti aging skin care and came across a snippet at one of the sites. Prior to mid 2011, I would not have been able to tell you what a snippet was.

That day and that site gave me my vehicle to my now successful online business! Which gave me the opportunity to write my own a about me page

It gave me everything I needed to share my collective informational research here on my website. As you can see my website is out there and you my reader’s are finding it.

I just had to share how Anti Aging Resource Center came to be, simply because it was a long drawn out process; until that one day!

It was a lot of searching and researching for the right webmaster product with the right tools for me. Have you ever thought about being a webmaster, sharing your ideas or a hobby?

If so, I hope that my find on that one day and my sharing about me, will inspire you and spare you the drawn out process that I went through. Check out My website process and the power of SBI!

Make Your Own Online Business Success. And then, write your own story of your successful online business.

SBI Video Tour!

You to can become a webmaster, share your ideas or a hobbies creating a successful online business.

I did, you can too!

I am growing older and better, with grace & freedom in the anti aging world of baby boomers!

Thank you for stopping in and checking out my about me page! I hope you find great resources and solutions on my website for your anti aging needs.

Cheers to Good Health, Vitality, Happiness and Prosperity! Debra Bolton

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